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What's wrong with eating meat?

Anyone who has ever had a pet can tell what animals feel. They feel joy, pleasure, tickling, longing, jealousy, hunger, fear, sadness, pain. Neuroscientists have already stated: it is undeniable that animals are aware and feel pain (1). And yet the meat industry makes billions of animals feel the worst possible sensations every day to supply us with food we do not need. We can choose not to be part of it.


What about the proteins?

There is an abundance of protein in foods of plant origin (2). Many award-winning athletes and bodybuilders are vegans (3), and their performances are not at all hampered by that.


I love meat! I could not live without it!

Not everything that is pleasurable is correct. It is our duty to think about who is affected by our choices. We can balance the positive and negative points: on the one hand, the temporary satisfaction of your taste: on the other, an animal as intelligent and affectionate as your dog being cruelly tortured to death. Do you think that's fair? It is not wise to commit atrocities to satisfy a banal desire. We have choice: there is an infinity of tasty foods that are free from animal suffering.


I learned that meat and milk are essential?

This is the result of elaborate advertising campaigns by the livestock industry. According to the Ministry of Health, a diet without any animal products is possible and healthy (6) (and its Food Guide still points out that meat, milk and eggs may favour the risk of chronic diseases). 


Taking the milk does not kill the cow so what's wrong with this?

There is more suffering in a glass of milk than in a steak. Cows only produce milk when they have children, so farmers make them artificially pregnant and then separate them from their babies as soon as they are born. Male calves are killed for meat (veal) and females will have the same fate as the mother. After machines have milked the cow intensely in a tight shed, they impregnate it again and the cycle repeats itself. For years they are exploited like this, and then they kill them to sell us their bodies.


But how to get calcium without milk?

It is easy to get calcium and other minerals without drinking milk. Dark green vegetables, such as cabbage and broccoli, are rich in calcium, as well as beans, soybeans, peas, lentils, seeds, nuts, dried fruits ... (5) Cow's milk exists for calves, not for humans.


And when there is humanitarian slaughter?

Is animal welfare not guaranteed?

To take the life of an innocent being without any need is incompatible with the concept of humanity. There is no gentle way to kill someone who does not want to die. In parallel, would you say that treating slaves well is a good excuse for practicing slavery?


Is not that too radical?

It can be said that vegans are radically against the suffering of animals, just as we are all already radically against murder, pedophilia or torture.


But what difference does it make if only to change?

It's not just you! We are already millions of people around the world refusing to join the cruelest industry in history. Everyone who fails to finance this business makes a difference. Changing things starts with you!


Do lions not kill to eat?

Why can not we?

Lions are carnivorous and wild animals that would die if they did not eat other animals. We are omnivorous and civilised animals and can live without the flesh of another living being. We have advanced production techniques that allow us to plant everything we need to eat, and we have the ability to think and decide our actions. We do not imitate wild animals in any aspect of our lives, so why would we imitate them at the time of eating?


And plants are not living beings too?

Plants are alive but are not sentient, that is, they are unable to feel pain or pleasure. (6) What would you find less cruel: cut a carrot or a dog in half?


And what about the eggs?

When hatchlings are born, males are immediately shredded alive because they are not useful to the industry. The females are confined in cages so small so that we can take their eggs. They cut off their beaks to keep the chickens from moulting in despair by the conditions in which they live. After two years of exploitation, they are killed and their bodies sold.


Is vegan food not more expensive?

Think of how many pounds of rice and beans you can buy with what you pay in a pound of meat. Think about how many fruits and vegetables you buy with the value of a pound of cheese. Many vegans start saving money when they stop buying animal products.


Diet is a personal choice!

A choice ceases to be personal when you have a victim. Other animals can not choose to leave, but we can!


I do not even know how to start!

The hard part is to realise that you have to change. If you have decided to do something about it, congratulations! Our small decisions have an impact on others and on the world. The first step towards responsible consuming is to inform yourself. You need to know what things are like and how they are made to decide what to boycott. It may seem laborious at first, but it is something you get used to easily. For us it is a small inconvenience: for animals, it is the difference between life and death. Do not stop here! Read, watch movies, talk to others, and good luck! :)

This information was from an Animal Liberation Brazil flyer Alejandro was handing out in, we translated it from Portuguese to english and typed it up to share.

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Alejandro and I with a vegan raw cake we made in the van, sugar free, gluten free, and full of love. We shared this at the beach were we were staying with the van, tring to promote a positive vegan message. Contact us for recipe of cake or ideas on how to share the vegan message XX

Alejandro and I with a vegan raw cake we made in the van, sugar free, gluten free, and full of love. We shared this at the beach were we were staying with the van, tring to promote a positive vegan message. Contact us for recipe of cake or ideas on how to share the vegan message XX