Life On The Road As Two

When you come together with another human, and decide to share this stage of life together it can feel completely amazing, like you have finally found someone to share with, and to trust. It is even more amazing when that person is vegan, shares your interests, and is not only happy to encourage you along the path, but to walk it beside you. 

All of this also comes with exploring new territories, new ideas and opinions, which can sometimes lead to disagreements and making changes. Whether it be music or movies that is not mutually enjoyed, foods that some can or cannot eat, daily schedules and activities that are differing from each other and many other things that can come up in a new relationship, it becomes clear that with love comes sacrifice. But by starting to put the others persons needs ahead of our own, and willingly choosing to make changes to better mould two lives together with compassion at the center, sacrifice becomes a gift. It begins to create something more amazing, a new energy completely that can have the power to share its love and compassion with the world.

If you have a more conventional relationship then the start is probably a little different, as over the first few months, or years for some, you date, get to know each other on a regular basis and the process is more gradual to finding each others hidden personalities. But if you are like Alejandro and I, travellers who met across oceans and have no fixed address, the sharing of love is a little different. There is not really a get to know each other grace period, from our first meeting we knew we must have had many previous lives together, and that love came back straight away. Our second meeting Alex moved into Gertrude (the van), and we started to live our lives together. Adjusting schedules to suit and learning on the road all the perks that we love, or are learning to love about each other. Accepting the sacrifices we both need to make and trying to enjoy making them, as each sacrifice is another step to creating a life that is shared in harmony.

It is a wonderful experience to jump into love without any hesitation or anxiety, to fully accept and trust one-another from the beginning, and make a choice to be a partnership. Sharing together the language barriers, cultural and background differences, and deciding to carry and accept each others samskaras. So here we are, doing our best to be open and accept each other and the things we cannot change, but willing to change the things we can. We continue to embark on this journey to share veganism, love and compassion with each other and more importantly, the world. 

Follow us on our travels and share with us your own stories on how it is to share this life with another. 

Tineke xx