Hummyes Pancakes!


When you manage to combine your favourite foods into a genius mix despite being nightshade free, sugar free, gluten free, preservative free, additive free and vegan.

Some might ask, so what the hell do you eat? Well my friends, let me share with you this lunch which was the reason I crowned myself genius.

I have just moved into a house in the South of Goa, India. It feels so amazing to have my own home again. After moving out of Gertrude for the winter, I have been couch surfing, staying with friends, or volunteering at hostels. All amazing experiences giving me the opportunity to share with many people but being a person who needs a lot of space, I was so over never having my own space. I am so appreciative of the couches and dorm beds I was able to sleep in, but as a person who suffers from depression and anxiety, constantly being around people was just exhausting. Not being free to spend an entire week in bed, or to make pancakes in the middle of the night, or margaritas for lunch, because I am a guest in someones home, and lets just say I had had enough of being homeless. 

So now I am finally here, a place that is not on wheels, is not held up by pegs and poles like the tents I was living in before, and not just a couch in someone else’s living space. It is amazing. Really, it feels fantastic. I spent the last of my money I have on buying candles, sheets, pillows, kitchen supplies, a blender, and all my favourite foods to cook. So now I am completely broke, but my rent is paid and the fridge is full, so having a declining credit card or no cash to my name is not worrying me one bit. Especially because today I managed to get my creative juices flowing in my kitchen. After enjoying my time getting fresh veg from the local market, I came home craving pancakes, and hummus. So I decided what the hell, lets make hummus pancakes! 

Completely natural and full of goodness, I would recommend to anyone, even if you are not following such a strict diet as I am, this vegan, nightshade free, sugar free, gluten free, preservative free, and additive free meal is epic.

First - make hummus.

Blend Tahini and lemon juice together until whipped. Add garlic, cumin, a pinch of salt, and a few table spoons of aquafaba, and continue to blend well. Next add gradually the cooked chickpeas, adding extra aquafaba as needed to make the hummus the consistency desired. Add extra salt, pepper and any other flavouring you desire in your hummus. I kept mine traditional. 

Next, make salad with whatever is in season, on sale, needs to be used, or your favs.  I used spinach, beetroot, carrots, onion and cucumber. Add any dressing you like, I keep it simple with some lime juice, and a little ACV. I didn't have any olive oil, but if I did that would have been added too! 

Then its time for the pancake. Add 2 parts chickpea flour and 1 part rice flour to a bowl, stir and add plant milk gradually until you have the consistency of a batter. Heat coconut oil in a non-stick pan, when it is hot (can test by adding a small drop of the batter and seeing if it sizzles) and then pour the mixture into the pan. Swirling it out so it is thin and evenly spread. Wait until the top bubbles and is no longer wet, then flip.

The last step is to simply add your hummus and salad onto the pancake, roll up, and enjoy!

So great, full of protein and iron, and love. No number, no chemicals, just good, honest vegan food. 

Optional extras:

To add extra love to the pancake batter you can always try using:

Ground soaked flaxseeds, a few table spoons tapioca flour, nutritional yeast.